It is common to feel hesitant when considering how to share the news of unintended pregnancy with the people you love. You might be worried about how they will react or how their feelings about you might change. 

Telling your parents that you are pregnant can be especially challenging. Remember that even though they might experience shock or disappointment at your news, your parents will still love you.

It’s important to note that regardless of your parent’s feelings, the outcome of your pregnancy is your decision. No one can force you to make a choice that makes you uncomfortable.

Explore Your Feelings

Before sharing your news with anyone, give yourself time to understand how your situation makes you feel. It is normal to feel overwhelmed by an unintended pregnancy. 

Don’t Wait too Long

Discussing with friends before your parents might feel easier, but be careful when doing this. If news of your pregnancy gets back to your parents from another source, they might feel hurt that you didn’t share it with them, in addition to the other feelings they will have. 

Your parents will likely want to support you through this journey but will need time to work through their feelings. Telling them early allows them the time they might need.

Still Not Sure How to Tell Them?

If you still aren’t sure about how to talk to your parents, here are some more tips that you can use:

  • Choose a good time when they can focus on the conversation.
  • Stay calm and try not to act defensively.
  • Tell them how you are feeling and share with them how they can best support you.
  • If you have already decided on the outcome of your pregnancy, share it with them so they know what to expect.

You know your parents best. If you are still anxious about having this conversation with them, consider asking another person to help you. You might choose a friend, family member, or someone else you trust, like a pastor, teacher, or counselor.

Get More Info

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