Are you walking with your friend through a challenging, unexpected pregnancy right now? You are not alone. You may feel nervous as you may not know how to support her. Knowing that you care speaks volumes to your friend facing an unexpected pregnancy.

Be a Good Listener 

The greatest first step when seeking to support your friend during an unexpected pregnancy is to listen to her. A good listening ear will make your friend feel seen and heard. Your listening and encouragement will go a long way as her world is about to change forever.

Listen with no intention of offering direction, interrupting, or judgment. When you listen attentively, you can confirm what your friend is saying. 

Be Considerate

Offering to be there for someone during a time like this is an act of love and kindness. Chores can seem daunting when you’re emotionally overwhelmed.

Even cleaning the dishes, doing laundry, and getting groceries will bring your friend a massive sense of relief. Acts of serving show you’re a true friend, no matter how hard things get.

Go a step further and ask what she needs at this moment. It could be time alone, time with you, or a ride to her pregnancy appointment.  

Keep Checking In With Her

Following through with consistency shows someone you care. Don’t hesitate to text or call your friend. Do your best not to shut down communication, even when you don’t understand her response. Ask simple questions like, “Do you want to talk, or is now not a good time?” 

We Can Help 

An unexpected pregnancy is overwhelming and should never be faced alone. Our team is here to provide friendship and emotional support, as well as free pregnancy services and referrals so your friend can have clarity and confidence in her pregnancy journey.

Come to Birthright for free pregnancy testing to begin. There’s no appointment needed, and you will have your answer immediately. Contact us today to set up a free and confidential appointment. 

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